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Monday, 20 May 2013

Tories Begin To Implode.

Jeremy Hunt visited the BBC today to tell them that the Tory party is completely united, especially over Europe, and that the grassroots are falling over themselves to support Cameron et al. But enough of the Tory leadership's illusions, wishful thinking and unwarrented optimism - or, as the rest of us call it, the economy. The truth is that Cameron is the most unpopular leader of the Tory party since the last one though, to be fair, trying to manage them is like trying to herd cats. It is reported that he can depend on the support of only 20 backbenchers, while the Chairmen of local constituency party are openly calling for him to stand down before he buries the party once and for all. The problem, however, is not Cameron as such. The problem is the Tory party itself which simply can't get its collective head around the fact that they've been rumbled. They have in the past been very successful at getting the British electorate to cut their own throats but the crisis in capitalism after 2008 has put an end to that. The party's over, the jig is up and the Tories, despite all their best efforts, cannot reinvent the wheel - especially one that has lost all its spokes. They are desperately trying to turn back the clock, trying to wipe out all memory of the last 70 years while, at the same time, saving the last 30. The message is simple. 1945-1979 bad. 1979-2008 good - except for those pesky socialists who ruined it all. In fact Labour did no such thing. They were as eager as the Tories to embrace the neoliberal economic mumbo-jumbo. They were simply unfortunate enough to be in power when the whole rotten system ground to a shuddering halt. Now the Tories are determined to rescue neoliberalism from the wreckage. Not because it was good for ordinary people or even the country as a whole, but because it was good for them. Most of us did not share in the good times and somewhat puzzled by the concept that we should now have pay for it after it all fell apart. Why should we? What's in it for us? Twenty years of austerity? The price is simply too high and even the Tory party is beginning to realise it. There's nothing in it for them either.

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