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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Chinless Wonders Panic.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the most chinless wonder in the Tory party, is calling for Cameron to drop his alliance with the LibDems and give cabinet positions to members of UKIP. Appealing to a patrotism amongst voters that doesn't actually exist within the Tory party itself, Rees-Mogg is apparently "encouraged" that the protest vote in Britain is largely right-wing. As a Nazi-in-waiting this is hardly surprising but it is extremely worrying for the rest of us. It is also a totally stupid idea since UKIP doesn't actually have any MP's and ditching the LibDems would mean the Tories having to rule as a minority government. This would be good news for us since the Tories wouldn't last five minutes before a vote of no confidence would force a general election. The best that can be said about Rees-Mogg's idea is that it is brainless from a political point of view, though in the Tory party it would probably be regarded as a stroke of sheer genius. Any political party that can destroy British industry and then expect an export boom to save them from the embarassment of a triple-dip recession or believe that deliberately deflating the economy will lead to recovery is truly stupid. But then again with outstanding talent such as Rees-Mogg in their ranks what more can we expect?

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