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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Britain's Water Now The Most Expensive In The World.

Its official - water in England is now the most expensive in the world. In a country where water falls from the sky in huge amounts it costs more to collect and distribute it than does in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else for that matter. The reason for this is that prices have increased by an average of 68% in the last ten years. Spokepersons for the water mafia will tell us that the money is needed to improve the infrastructure. You might be forgiven for doubting this - especially when the water companies pay their chief executives more than £1 million per year. They have an explanation for this too. Apparently they are forced to pay such levels of renumeration in order to guarantee that the "best" people are attracted into the industry. The truth is that the water industry is fast becoming the poster-boy for rip-off Britain - the place where public utilities were stolen from the public by our own governments and flogged off to their mates so they could trouser huge profits and employ expensive accountants in order to avoid paying tax. It is the same depressing story that is found in the gas, electricity and railway industries, where the so-called "efficiency" of privatised companies is restricted to picking the public pocket. What is increasingly clear is that privatisation was a deliberate fraud, designed to divert public money into private hands by corrupt politicians eager to shove their sticky fingers into the cookie jar. Rip-off Britain is no longer an adequate description for this country - mugged Britain is far more accurate.

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