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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Energy Companies Rigging The Market.

Two months ago the wholesale price of gas doubled because of shortages so acute that Britain had only 6 hours of supply left. At least that was the story the energy companies wanted us to believe. In fact the gas companies had plenty of gas that they deliberately kept off the market in order to force prices up. Ofgem, the industry regulator, has now swung into action and is dragging its feet on the question explaining that finding out the truth must take second place to investigating "properly" - or as the rest of us would describe it, not at all. David Cameron is so concerned about all of this that he has appointed a new advisor on energy. She is Tara Singh, a former lobbyist for British gas where her chief function was to persuade the government that stealing money from customers is fair because they are too dumb to deserve any better. She is also a climate change sceptic at a time when the Tory party want the rest of us to stick our head in the sand over the issue so they and their mates can make even more money. This, apparently, is the Tory's idea of a "coherent energy policy" designed to shape the future and infrastructure that Britain will need if our money is to be stolen by the energy fatcats in the most efficient manner possible.

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