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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Is Britain In A State Of Incipient Civil War?

Let me make this plain from the very beginning, this story frightens the crap out of me. But the question has to be asked - is Britain in a state of incipient civil war? What is a civil war after all? It is two competing political, legal and cultural codes competing for power in the same geographical space. It is an argument over relative power and uncertainty as to where it actually lies. It is a cultural clash without any desire for compromise. It is a war between two cultures who refuse to change in order to accomodate each other. It is about identity and a million personal decisions about which side of the divide the individual identifies with. It is about being different. In those terms multiculturism is a foolish experiment which history tells us can only end in tears. Being different is an expression of individualism, but can also be a means to sneer at others. Islamic militants want a divided society because that will legitimise their murderous attacks and create a Palestine in every western nation from which these attacks will be more easily launched. Racist militants want it because that will legitimise their political agenda and make their murderous attacks more acceptable. There are evil men on both sides who want civil war and will stop at nothing to promote it. The danger becomes acute when we all start to choose sides. But that is the very basis of multiculturism. We have been encouraged to choose which part of a divided society we belong to by successive governments promoting diversity. This was always a dangerous idea since diversity is the exact opposite of unity. The step from there to choosing sides in a civil war is too short for comfort.

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