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Friday, 31 May 2013

Yet Another Tory "Does The Right Thing".

The latest Tory crook to be rumbled, Patrick Mercer MP for Newark, has been caught in yet another Panorama sting operation taking bribes to use his "influence" in Parliament. The Right Dishonourable Mr.Mercer was apparently quite happy to sign up with a fake company in order to "lobby" Parliament on behalf of a foreign country. He was less happy, apparently, to either declare this interest or disclose how much money he was getting for tabling Parliamentary questions aimed at getting Fiji back into the Commonwealth. Now, having suddenly rediscovered what "the right thing" actually is, he has resigned from the Troy party to save them embarrassment. He has failed, however, to resign his seat since that would trigger a politically damaging by-election and really embarass the party that, up until now, has always seemed rather insensitive to such things. While persecuting the unemployed and disabled, blatantly privatising the NHS while pretending otherwise and forcing low-wage workers to seek charity food handouts raises hardly a blush, fighting a by-election, it seems, is a step too far. We can now all look forward to yet another Tory "doing the honourable thing" after being found out and then being forced to take a demeaning job for more money per year than most of us will see in a lifetime. Undoubtedly after a suitable, if rather short, period in the political wilderness, he will be taken back into the fold suitably chastened and given yet another government job where he will be permitted to make money for old rope. Thank God we're all still in this together!

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