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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Protest In Britain Sets Its Priorities.

While Britain's economy is in the hands of an idiot, Parliament is once again mired in sleaze, disabled soldiers are being denied benefits, hospital queues grow ever longer and the only growth industry is food banks, the British have decided to take a stand - over badgers. Or so it would appear at least. In fact there have been many protests about unemployment, banker's bonuses, rip-off petrol, gas and electricity prices and the bedroom tax. The difference is that the badger protest is receiving a huge amount of press coverage while the other protests have been largely ignored. Why would this be? Could it possibly have anything to do with the close connections between the media and the political elite? Perish the thought. Or is that the British really are more concerned with the fate of badgers than they are over the fate of their fellow citizens? Probably. How is it that poor people can be so easily dehumanised while badgers are accorded a status that a child on a housing estate in Birmingham can only aspire to. Is this what the Tories mean by an "aspirational nation"? "Oooh. If only we were a family badgers," a poor family might dream as they visit the food bank yet again. In fact there is less difference between the two than you might imagine - both are in danger of being culled by this woeful and vicious Tory dominated government.

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