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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

British Workers Are Getting Poorer While Criminals Get Richer.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has announced that wages in Britain have fallen further than at any time since records began. The main reason, they have suggested, is that workers have courageously taken pay freezes and even pay cuts to prevent widespread unemployment. If true that is very laudible - though most workers would probably say that they were never given any choice in the matter. One thing that they have failed to mention, however, is that shrinking wage packets is something that is confined only to certain people - more often than not in the public sector - while others have seen their wages soar. No prizes for guessing who's money has increased over the last few years - its the bankers and fatcat executives heading industries that were once owned publicly but have been stolen by the Tories and given to their already rich mates. While this is certainly grossly unfair given the role that bankers had in causing the latest economic slump and the role that executives have had in robbing ordinary people blind, it is also disastrous as far as recovering from recession is concerned. Lower wages means less demand in the economy and less demand means a continuation of the recession. Its not rocket science, though the Tories would like you to think it is. Nor is it difficult to understand why the Tories have taken the measures they have. There is only so much money to go around and they are determined that they and their rich mates will get more than their fair share at the expense of the rest of us and that we, not them, will pay for the economic disaster that they caused. Essentially the country is being mugged in broad daylight by a bunch of criminals who are actually proud of what they are doing.

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