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Monday, 24 June 2013

Back To Where We Started.

George Osborne announced yesterday that the British economy was "out of intensive care". Unfortunately he forgot to add that it is now in the morgue and what we are now experiencing is actually a zombie economy. Essentially what he was announcing is that we are all back to where we started before the banks were found out. Hoh goody - an economy that doesn't work for most of us, forces up prices, forces down wages and one that is entirely based on the unearned income that comes from an unsustainable property bubble. Little wonder then that George is celebrating. He has managed to reinstate a completely descredited economic system that everyone knows did not and cannot work, one in which only criminals can prosper and one that will pauperise our children and grandchildren. But, and this is the main thing, he has protected the value of his own property portfolio and made a world safe for those with the sharpest elbows. Greed, the thing that above all else wrecked the world economy, is back where it was before - in the driving seat - while the self-serving, the smug, the selfish and the terminally stupid are reading the map.

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