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Friday, 14 June 2013

Cameron's £1 Million Prize For A "Big Idea".

David Cameron is a man with plenty of "big ideas", especially when it comes to the "Big Society" and big business. Unfortunately his next good idea will be his first. Today he announced that a £1 million prize will be put up for any idea that is so big that it might be compared to John Harrison's first truly accurate timepiece. I would like to claim that money and here's my idea. I would like to find an argument that will, once and for all, free this country from the ideological claptrap of the Tory party. A political "philosophy" that is based entirely on promoting character flaws should be relatively easy to refute. After all we've just had 30 years of object lessons in how divorced from reality their belief system actually is. Greed, it turns out, is not good. Self-serving selfishness has proven to be a poison that has all but killed the world economy, while platitudes such as "trickle-down" have proven to be mere chimeras. It's bad enough that, despite all the evidence, the Tory party insists on continuing to pedal its self-serving mythology, but the numbers amongst the electorate who continue to believe and vote for it is truly depressing. The only idea I can come up with that might be truly effective is a health warning on ballot papers during elections. Perhaps something along the lines of "Voting Tory Is Really Bad For You - Stop Doing It" or "Voting Tory Doesn't Cause Cancer But Will Ensure That You Won't Get Medical Attention For It." You can see the problem immediately - my ideas are just not snappy enough. Any ideas anyone? I'll share the money with you, honest.

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