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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fat Cats Still Fat Cats And Getting Fatter.

Its been nearly five years now since the neoliberal economic system came crashing down under the weight of its own greed and stupidity and things have certainly changed. World trade has yet to recover, unemployment is still catastrophically high in far too many countries and austerity is still biting across the globe. In Britain the Tories have indulged their wet dream of dismantling the welfare state and returning the country to the mid-nineteenth century. The NHS is now ripe for picking and is sliding inexorably into private hands. An entire generation has been thrown onto the scrap heap, pensions for the older generation are gradually being whittled away to nothing, worker's rights are gradually disappearing and wages remain stagnant. Unless, of course, you were one of the criminals who foisted the neoliberal economic thesis onto the rest of us in the first place and then spent the next 30 years grabbing everything in sight. For them the word "change" has little if any meaning. In the last year alone executive pay has leapt by 10%, bankers are still greedily helping themselves to their customers money while ignoring any complaints from them and big corporations, like Thames Water, are still avoiding tax with complete immunity. For the wealthy criminal class who like to describe themselves as "businessmen" absolutely nothing has changed. They are still incompetent and crooked, still getting unfeasibly large pensions after a lifetime of playing golf, still not paying tax and they are still laughing at the rest of us.

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