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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nigel Lawson Gives The Game Away.

Political pundits were left scratching their heads today after Nigel Lawson, one of Margaret Thatchers more disastrous Chancellors, suddenly came out in favour of Britain leaving the EU. This was the man, after all, who voted for entry into the EU in 1975 and who thought that the ERM was such a good idea that he nearly bankrupted Britain to stay in it. What could possibly have changed the mind of this mighty economic genius? In a word, the banks. It is no coincidence that the Tories have become ever more anti-European as the EU has sought to muzzle their best mates and put them back in their boxes. Now they have seen how popular such a stance has been for UKIP they are positively champing at the bit. Cameron is breezily telling us that he intends to renegotiate Britain's membership of the EU and, if he fails to get what he wants, will allow us a referendum on the question. Such an insult to Britain by Johnny Foreigner is virtually guaranteed to give him what he wants. But what, exactly, does Cameron mean by a "renegotition" of Britain's membership? Essentially he is looking for an exemption from regulation for Britain's financial sector so that they can continue with their criminal activities and, from the profits, continue to bankroll the Tory party. The Tories don't give a tinker's cuss for industry or exports if their own offshore accounts are endangered and will happily see Britain sink if they can keep their personal wealth intact. They neither know nor care about the effects of British withdrawal from the EU since it will hardly impinge on their pampered and privileged lifestyles and it will be ordinary people, as always, who will pick up the bill.

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  1. Ah the EUSSR, that wonderful democratic institution. The papers have been released through a FOI that Heath the child murdering paedophile, lied through his teeth about the exact nature of the agreement we were entering into. In fact, based on the Queens Coronation oath it is also an unconstitutional illegal pact, which they knew at the time, but our constitution was too insignificant to let that little detail stop them from getting their way. The Queen has invalidated her reign the whole William and Mary linage are now unfit to reign, but the poor little old lady, from a line of murdering drug traffickers, deserves to a bit of peace in the run up to meeting her master Satan. But hey hum, the British people always need someone to abuse us, might as well be one big gang bang, the more the merrier.