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Monday, 27 May 2013

Is Going On Holiday Cameron's Answer To Everything?

There's one thing you can always say about David Cameron, he never allows a crisis to get in the way of a jolly good holiday. And why not? After all he's not paying for it - we are. He certainly seems to have developed a bit of habit of sodding off abroad whenever things get a bit hot at home. Nothing, not economic crisis, war, riots or the brutal murder of British servicemen in broad daylight in the heart of London, diverts Cameron from his favourite pastime of "chillaxing." Pity most of us can't afford four or five holidays every year. The difference is, of course, that we are all bone idle would-be scroungers who only work because we have to while he is a bone idle actual scrounger who works only because it allows him access to an unlimited expense account. Is this what the Tories mean by a "fully flexible work force"? We bending over backwards to keep our jobs while Cameron bends over backwards to top up his tan? We might "all be in this together" but some of us, it would seem, are "in it" while relaxing on a beach. Meanwhile the country is on the verge of meltdown - politically, socially and economically. Still, as Cameron told us all before he grabbed his permanently packed suitcase, "Keep Calm - I know I will."

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