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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tories Set To Vote Against Their Own Queen's Speech.

A couple of weeks ago a 53-year old woman killed herself in Birmingham by throwing herself into the path a truck hurtling along the M6. Her reason for this desperate act of self-destruction? She could not afford to pay the £20 per week demanded by the government's bedroom tax and couldn't find alternative accomodation more suited to her needs. She was caught between a government completely unconcerned for her welfare and a housing market designed to benefit the few at the cost of the majority. She was a direct victim of neoliberal economic policy that puts greed at the centre of its entire philosophy. The government is now hell bent on privatising the NHS for the same reason even as ambulance waiting times are climbing faster and faster and nurses find themselves trapped on wards where a lack of staff is a greater threat to patient's health than their illnesses. Meanwhile, in true Tory fashion, Lord Young has reacted to these tradegies by pointing out that the Tory engineered recession is just the time to exploit cheap labour. The Tories are quite happy then to stand by as the people they are supposed to protect, whose interests they are supposed to govern in, are exploited and driven to despair even as criminal bankers and moronic executives plunder the economy and enrich themselves at the expense of us all. With such an uncaring, selfish and utterly incompetent government in power it is perhaps unsuprising that the Tory party is in disarray and is threatening to vote against its own government's Queen's Speech. Any self-respecting and humane MP would be hard-pressed to support it. However, the Tory party is not about to rebel against its own leadership out of any feeling of humanity or fairness. No, they are rebelling because the Speech contained no pledge for a referendum on Europe. While people are killing themselves over government policy, while the vulnerable and disabled are being persecuted, the unemployed are humiliated, patients are told to pay for private medicine or die and our children are denied a decent education, this disgusting collection of spivs, conmen and thieves are obssessed with thumbing their noses at Johnnie Foreigner. Not only are these people little better than criminals with no moral compass whatsoever, they are also completely and utterly brainless. What in God's name are they doing running this country?

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