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Monday, 8 April 2013

Thatcher Is Dead.

Margaret Thatcher is dead. The woman who killed the idea of Britain, destroyed entire communities, let loose greed as a political philosophy and hated the British people so much she sold them down the river is dead. Francois Mitterand was so apalled with her that he described her as having "the eyes of Caligula." The pity of it all was that the British voters did not see it and voted her into power three times. It was she that unleashed the neoliberal economic insanity on Britain, destroyed its industry and hung our entire economic future on the financial industry peg. Now, thirty years later, we can all see how well that went. Was she evil or just mad? In fact she was neither, just a narrow minded ideologue who chose to believe an economic thesis that provided the necessary alibi for the greedy, smug and self-satisfied. The best that can be said of her is that she was a deeply stupid woman who truly believed that a national economy was just like a household budget. So stupid was she that she championed the Poll Tax, the most deeply idiotic and politically caghanded policy since the Middle Ages. Margaret Thatcher is dead - but George Osborne isn't and he is still flogging the same dead horse that Margaret Thatcher introduced as a gelding in 1979. Margaret Thatcher id dead - its time to put a stake through the heart of her idiotic economic theories once and for all. Margaret Thatcher is dead and its time to bury her with as little fanfare as possible.


  1. I like to think her policies are Zombie politics. They have been proven wrong and yet remain. In that spirit, it's better we chop off her head and make sure to kill the brain.

  2. Thank you for this. You have momentarily relieved my anxiety about what is going to happen to the sick and disabled (and of course others) who are being systematically demonised by the Tory government in preparation for the building of concentration camps .... oh, sorry about that, my fingers got ahead of me, there. Frighteningly, my fingers may well know more I do, and they certainly have a lot more intelligence that the multimillionaire cabinet self-seeking posh boys who now run this God-forsaken land.