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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Baroness Warsi Tries To Dish The Dirt.

Baroness Warsi, the Tory party's best example of honesty and probity, has railed against Ed Milliband's attendance at the Durham Miner's Gala telling the press that he was associating with his "miltant paymasters." The leader of the labour party associating with the people who founded his party in the first place? How awful. Thank God we have honest Tory politicians like Baroness Warsi to point this out to us. The only question is will she be voluable when David Cameron meets with his paymasters - big business, bankers, tax dodgers and other varied and assorted criminals? I doubt it. Why is it that its OK for the Tories to consort with those who would sell their own grandmothers to grab an extra quid but not OK for Labour to meet with organisations that have more members than all the political parties put together? Why is defending ordinary workers rights militant, while destroying them and undermining democracy is acceptable? And why is it illegal to make racist comments about Baroness Warsi, but perfectly acceptable for her to make prejudiced comments about the union members? The use of the word "miltant" in relation to unions should be just as unaccepatble as a racial slur. How would she feel if the word Tory was always associated with the word "sleazey?" I suppose she's used to it by now. Why don't we all try it? As long as the Tories to continue to associate "militant" and "unions" together we should all associate the words "sleazey" and "Tory" as a matter of course and give them a dose of their own medicine.

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