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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tories Display Their Utter Contempt For Britain.

It has long been evident that the Tory party hates Britain and have nothing but contempt for the British people. They think nothing of condemning their fellow countrymen to years of uemployment and a lifetime of poverty and will not hesitate to inflict untold damage on British society in the inetrests of their warped and destructive ideology. Indeed their only alliegiance is to money which trumps all other considerations. There is no need for the British people to fear domination by a foreign power when one of their own political parties is so willing to sell them down the river. They especially hate the British when some of them have the temerity to fight back and question their decisions. The idea that a trade union might strike sends them into proxysm of outrage, especially if it looks as if that strike might be effective. When it it also threatens to damage the interests of their corporate paymasters their fury knows no bounds. When it involves public sector workers they become positively incandescent and, without any reflection, their immediate reaction is to reduce the rights of British people to an even lower level. When compared to their attitude towards foreign governments and foreign business interests, their prejudice against their own country becomes even clearer. The idea that a Tory government would even consider outsourcing the building of new nuclear power plants to the Chinese beggars belief. Yet that is exactly what they are doing. Why would they do such an outrageous thing? Because they think it will be cheaper, saving their wealthy pals from paying tax and enabling the privatised energy industry to make even greater profits. In other words the Tories are willing and able to put the future of one our most sensitive and important industries into the hands of a foreign power for money. That, by any definition, is treason.

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