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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Is "Multi-Cultural Crap" The Tory View Of Britain?

Aiden Burley, the Tory MP for Cannock Chase, has described the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Twitter as "multi-cultural crap." This is not surprising considering he was sacked as a PPI last year for helping to organise a "Third Reich" stag party in Switzerland. What has been surprising is the stampede by top Tories to distance themselves from his comments. Surprising because the ceremony must have set Tory teeth on edge with its unashamed tribute to the working people of Britain and its concentration of the NHS as an unparalled achievement in British history. The fact that World War II, except for a brief film clip of David Niven in "Stairway To Heaven," barely got a mention must also have grated a bit. I still think that a Spitfire parked in the centre of the arena might at least have unsettled the German team a bit, reminded the Americans that without it their famous Mustang would have lacked an engine and the rest of the competitors that we deserve at least one extra gold medal for saving the world. As the "Guardian" put it politely today, Burley's outburst might "fuel suspicions that some members of the Conservative party have unreconstructed views which fail to recognise the pivotal contribution to society made by black and minority ethnic Britons." Why not? They certainly have unreconstructed views on just about everything else, from their utter contempt for ordinary people to their view that they have a right to pocket whatever they can get their hands on. Nor has there been a mention on the news channels of the arrest of 50 "Critical Mass" protestors outside the Olympic venue last night. To see footage of the police pepper spraying and restraining a disabled protestor with their truncheons or a police medic trying to stop them, you will have to turn to You Tube as usual.

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