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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Are The Tories Mad, Bad Or Just Dangerous To Know?

As it becomes increasingly clear that George Osborne is a dangerous blithering idiot, his response to Moody's putting Britain on warning demonstrates the contradictory nature of his policies. With the national debt increasing day by day he has told the BBC that "Britain has to deal with its debts," and that "we can't waver in the path of dealing with our debts." He then went on to blame the economic woes of Europe which, he maintains, threaten Britain's growth because they too are following his example and cutting their spending. Yet, while Osborne happily spins his circular reasoning, another economic expert tells us that, after the US lost their AAA rating last year, it "didn't have a huge detriment" and that "in actual fact it was reasonably positive." So not only are Osborne's policies not working, increasing rather than diminishing our debt, his declared aim of protecting Britain's credit rating is not only a failure but also completely irrelevant. His policy now stands exposed for what it is - an ideologically inspired and spiteful attack on the people of this country, prejudice raised to the level of policy and tricked out in the colours of economic necessity. Nor is he alone as the Tory party indulges itself in a frenzy of insane spite for its own sake. You only have to look at their track record so far to see them for what they are. Theresa May cutting police numbers in the wake of the worst rioting in Britain for decades. Michael Gove answering the pleas of teachers by sending them copies of the St.James' bible. Ian Duncan Smith celebrating increasing unemployment while gleefully cutting benefits and labelling the disabled as "scroungers." Andrew Lansley gratuitously wasting NHS resources in a bid to privatise it at a time when what it really needs is protection. The Muslim Baroness Warsi telling us all that only a Christian God can really help us. And, at the centre of this whirlwind of right-wing mindless vitriol and spleen, we have David Cameron telling us we're all in this together while he raids the public purse to fund his property portfolio. The Tories are the political equivalent of banging your head against a wall - it's lovely when you stop.

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