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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Murdoch Singles Out Benefit Fraudsters.

Rupert Murdoch, the dishonest, dishonourable, despicable and multi-millionaire owner of the disgusting News International that thinks nothing of hacking into a murdered girl's mobile phone, has mounted a campain against benefit fraud in his tabloid for morons, the "Sun." "Benefit fraud costs the country £1.2 billion a year" it screams hysterically, ignoring completely that illegal tax evasion costs ten times a smuch. It was even able to dig out a picture of a benefit cheating lap dancer to go with its famous Page 3 girl. Warming to their subject the "Sun" then reiterated Ian Duncan Smith's call for people to take "a note of the hotline number and keep us informed if you suspect anyone of committing fraud," in a chilling reminder of Nazi Germany where neighbours were encoraged to spy on each other. Meanwhile his son James, who is either a liar and a criminal or stupendously incompetent, has stepped down as chairman of News International one step ahead, as usual, of the law. Why would anyone wish to listen to a pair of spivs and conmen like these?

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