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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tories Have Another Good Day Torturing The Electorate.

David Cameron has had another good day inflicting as much damage on ordinary people as possible. He has pushed ahead with an NHS Reform Bill that has been specifically designed to charge ordinary people for the healthcare they've already paid for and has wielded the "financial privilege" scam to ram through parliament his assault on the poor, the disabled and dying. Pleased with such a good days work he was cheered to learn that his government has also managed to shovel £7.2 million into the hands of fatcat "consultants" to the Ministry of Defence while laying off thousands of soldiers. "It's good to be a Tory at the moment," he told our reporter. "You get to be as nasty as you like while hiding behind a bankrupt ideology that most of the thicko electorate never understood in the first place and fill your own pockets with as much cash as you can get your hands on. Thank God for the banking crisis which handed us the perfect alibi for pauperising most people and increasing unemployment to whip them into line. It's also handed us a golden opportunity to finally get rid of the NHS and replace it with a profit-making organisation dedicated to giving the Tory party "donations" for clearing the way for healthcare vultures. And no election for another three years, courtesy of Nick Clegg! Marvelous!"

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