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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Doctors Target Two-Faced LibDem MP's.

Two hundred and fifty doctor's have signalled their willingness to hit the LibDems where it hurts - right in their constituencies. They plan to put up 50 candidates to target those treacherous LibDems who have supported Andrew Lansley's privatisation of the NHS - including Nick Clegg. We asked a LibDem spokesperson what the party makes of this reminder as to what democracy actually looks like; "It's ridiculous. We know what's best for the NHS - after all we've had our Tory pals to tell us. On the other hand what do these doctors know about parliamentary democracy? We in the LibDem party have all the necessary skills required of politicians - deceit, lying and ignoring the wishes of the electorate. Doctors, on the other hand, spend all their day trying to improve people's lives rather than finding clever ways to put more money into rich people's pockets. What's the use of that? No, all in all we're not worried and remain confident that we can weasal our way out of this. Perhaps we can change the law to ensure that only people with recognised qualifications in greed, avarice and an utter disregard for other people can stand for parliament? After all, who'd notice the difference?" - Toryism dolendum est!

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