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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Tory Ideology And Crminality.

On January 4th 1981 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher met in secret with Rupert Murdoch to offer her help in allowing him to dominate the media in Britain. It took 30 years for the consequencies of that meeting to be revealed and they were grim indeed. No party leader felt that he could hope to win a general election without the permission of Murdoch and, in return, politicians turned a blind eye to the sheer criminality that Murdoch unleashed on the country. With politicians safely in his hip pocket Murdoch went on to suborn public officials including the police and felt free to pry into anyone's life if it would make him wealthier. And what was Margaret Thatcher's motive for this pact with the devil? Ideology - more specifically the ideology that informs all Tories that the working class is evil and that trade unions must be destroyed to ensure their domination of the country. Murdoch was her drummer boy leading the charge against the unions. Essentially she sold every man, woman and child in Britain down the river for her own selfish ends. Now a new generation of rabid ideologues have taken possession of No.10 and they are determined to complete the process that Thatcher began. They promote an insane ideology over the interests of their own country because they have been driven collectively mad by their own greed and selfishness. They demand from us everything we have - our healthcare system, our wages, our jobs and the future of our children - because they cannot bear the idea that someone else has anything and that, therefore, they can't have everything. The budget that is about to be unleashed on us will demonstrate quite clearly where their priorities lie and it is not in the interests of the people they claim to represent. It will be a budget for the wealthy - for the Murdoch's of this world who see us as their prey and for those whose who plunder our economy with no thought of making any contribution themselves. Ideology is a one sided answer for every question and, as far as the Tories are concerned, their only answer is "me, me, me."

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