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Friday, 16 March 2012

Vulnerable Continue To Pay The Price For Banker's Crimes.

While George Osborne contemplates to mouth-watering prospect of rewarding the greedy and avaricious in his budget, the vulnerable in Britain continue to be lashed unmercifully. After the first raft of disability reassessments over a third of claimants have been denied benefits while 333,000 disabled people have launched appeals at a cost of £50 million in this year alone. Better yet 68% of such claims are overturned on appeal, despite the £100 million a year paid to Atos who access people by computer in a "money-for-old-rope" deal with the DWP. Meanwhile a "Which?" survey of home care for the elderly has found that this is notning less than "disgraceful." In a statement the executive director of "Which?", Richard Lloyd, said: "The government can no longer claim to be shocked as report after report highlights the pitiful state of care for older people. If they are serious about ensuring vulnerable people are treated with dignity, then we must see real action because every day they delay is another day older people risk being neglected." We asked a government spokesperson for the Coalition reaction to these stories; "Well, three important facts immediately come to mind. First, both groups are largelly housebound and, therefore, don't vote. Second, both groups, especially after we've finished with them, are unlikely to live too much longer. Third, they don't pay tax but, instead, actually cost money and help to put taxes up for the rich. Given these facts our considered response must be we couldn't give a damn."

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