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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Healthcare Companies Prepare For Tax Avoidance.

As David Cameron and Andrew Lansley prepare to force through their privatisation of the NHS, the four main healthcare companies who lobbied tirelessly for it are preparing to avoid paying taxes on their anticiapted profits. They include Spire Healthcare, who made a profit in 2010 of £123 million but still managed to claim a loss of £53 million. Circle Health, who are registered in Jersey, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Ramsay Health Care, also registered in the Cayman Islands and The General Healthcare Group, registered in the British Virgin Islands. We asked Andrew Lansley for his view; "You don't seriously expect important companies like these to pay taxes do you? There's no point in parcelling out the NHS to these vultures unless we make it worth my - sorry, I mean worth their while. I have complete confidence that my reform of the NHS will deliver a better service for the peasants, just as the privatised railways and utilities have delivered value for money. And, even if they don't, it won't make any difference to their executives who will be paid huge amounts of money no matter how rubbish they are. We've all waited a long time to get our hands on the NHS and we intend to plunder it for every penny we can get. As for the patients, or profit units as we like to call them, they'll get what they can afford to pay for."

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