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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Nick Clegg Revitalises Party With Utter Piffle.

Having sold his soul to the devil like a latter day Faust, Nick Clegg has tried to wash his hands in public with words that are frankly laughable. "Few things make me angrier as the unemployed struggle to find work, as ordinary families struggle to make ends meet, as young people struggle to get on the housing ladder: the sight of the wealthiest scheming to keep their tax bill down to the bare minimum is frankly disgraceful. Multimillionaires avoiding tax by moving their money around," he told conference delegates. It is axiomatic that no one should ever listen to what a politician says and, instead, should watch what they do. Nick Clegg has cooperated with the Tories to increase unemployment and to make sure that families have no choice other than to struggle to make ends meet. With the Tories he has not lifted a finger to help young people get on the property ladder, nor has he done anything to prevent the wealthy from cheating the taxman. And he certainly doesn't have to look far to see multimillionaires moving money around - all he has to do is glance around the cabinet room at No.10. The one thing he didn't draw to much attention to was the way in which he has stood by and watched the Tories attempt to privatise the NHS. He has managed to wheedle some ammendments out of the Tories but, at the end of the day, has not had the courage to stop the bill in its tracks. The man is a weasel and is leading a party that has betrayed everything it told us it stood for.

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