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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Republicans Think All Women Are "Sluts."

The United States' most famous bigot and dirty old man, Rush Limbaugh, has apologised for calling a young female student a "slut" after she campaiged for her school to change its health insurance policy to cover contraception. Mr.Limbaugh who is a voiciferous supporter of Viagra for men, presumably because he can't get it up otherwise, is also well-known for marrying younger women because his money makes him irresistable. Meanwhile Rick Santorum has claimed that the United States is engaged in "a war against Satan," Mitt Romney remains incoherent on the US economy and Newt Gingrich is hoping to win by reminding the electorate that he plays golf. Here in Britain we have our own swivel-eyed dingbats in politics - Ian Duncan Smith and Michael Gove readily spring to mind - but we have nothing to compare to this freakshow. To our US readers we make this appeal - if one of these utterly insane nutjobs ever gets to the White House don't forget that the rest of us will have to put up with him as well.

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