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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Devon County Council Sells Children To Private Sector.

Devonshire County Council is about to privatise children's halth care and flog it off to vultures who measure everything by how much money they can make. One of the marks of a civilized country is its attitude to their children, with many third world countries proud that they at least can offer some healthcare provision for them. Readers will have often seen instances of medical professionals offering their services free of charge to help a poor third world country save its children. Devon's move is, therefore, even more inexplicable until, that is, you realise that it is completely dominated by a bunch of Tory psychopaths. The county, and more importantly its children, are to lead the way in the Tory experiment to allow our level of healthcare to be determined not by doctors but by money-hungry executives. This is ideology pure and simple and an insane one at that. Readers will only have to look at the railways and utilities to see the future of the NHS under these monsters. Greed will be allowed to roam free while patients will have to pay through the nose for a badly-run service that will fail to ever meet any of its targets. Its executives will grab armfulls of cash, whether they are successful or not and people will suffer and die abandoned in hospitals manned by badly trained staff on the minimum wage who will probably not even be able to speak English. Don't believe me? Visit your local privately owned carehome and have your eyes opened.

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