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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Is Britain In The Early Stages Of A Facist Revolution?

David Cameron has told the "Telegraph" today of his "frustration" at the slow pace of reform in Britain. Politicians often say such things as they struggle with the eternal problem of allocating scare resources and balancing the needs of one group against another. Yet Cameron does not seem to struggle with such things at all - our scarce resources have already been earmarked almost exclusively for the wealthy and he supports only one group in society, the rich. So what, exactly is his problem? When you look at what he's trying to achieve the problem soon comes into focus. He is mounting an assault on the poor, disabled and sick with a ferocity and intensity that this country has never experienced. The unemployed are being harried and bullied into accepting unpaid work, the disabled are being humiliated in a never-ending cycle of assessment and the sick and dying are being forced to work for their benefits. People with dementia, MS and Parkinson's are being forced into "work capability assessments” every two years despite the fact that these illnesses have no cure and no improvement in their condition is possible. People with cancer are to be similarly assessed and, if it is found that they have more than six months to live, they will have to work for their benefits even if that involves scrubbing floors. It is not as if the Tories don't know what the likely outcome of this is likely to be since DWP staff are now undergoing training to cope with an upsurge of suicides amongst their "customers." All this leaves several questions unanswered. Why are the British people not protesting in the streets about this? Why are we passing by on the other side while a British government inflicts such unspeakable punishment on the poor, weak and sick? Have we now passed that threshold that Germany did in 1933 when the Nazi's were cheered for exactly the same policies? Are we actually in the early stages of a Facist revolution in Britain?

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