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Monday, 19 March 2012

Tories Push The Evils Of Privatisation.

Having begun the process of asset stripping the country during the 1980's, the present Tory-dominated government has embarked on a further round of privatisation that would make even Margaret Thatcher's eyes water. It is important for people to know what privatisation is all about. Essentially it is a means to dump services that are funded by taxation and flog it off to fat cats who will then cherry pick what they want and ignore the rest. For the government this has two major advantages - it means lower taxation for the rich and it means a short-term cash injection for the treasury. The assets themselves, the NHS, roads etc, are sold off to foreign investors whose only interest is making as much money as possible, have no vested interest in the country and couldn't care less about customer service. It is nothing more than a mechanism for parting ordinary people from their cash and handing it over to foreign business interests who pay no tax on their profiteering but are eager to hand over bundles of cash to the Tories in gratitude. Your country is effectively being shipped abroad at the behest of a tiny majority and, after the things that actually belong to us have been stolen, you will be expected to pay through the nose to use them for rest of your lives. There is a name for such businesses practices when carried out by a government - its called corruption - and is little better than treason. Toryism dolendum est!

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