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Thursday, 29 March 2012

How Corrupt, Stupid And Incompetent Can The Tories Be?

It is normally quite rare for a government to demonstrate quite clearly that it is corrupt, stupid and incompetent all in the same week. Even this present Tory administration usually spaces out its scandals, gaffs and sheer idiocy over longer periods of time, but seems to have gone into overdrive this week. The catalyst seems to have been the budget in which they openly favoured their rich mates. Unable to believe they could get away with being so breathtakingly unfair and idiotic, they seem to have gone bananas. The week began with a scandal that would have most governments on the ropes - the party treasurer openly boasting that his party and his government are a bunch of corrupt criminals. Then came the gaff over cornish pasties in which David Cameron told a casual lie in a half-hearted attempt to show that just an ordinary bloke and that, after all the contrary evidence, we're still in this together. Not content with this Francis Maude just couldn't resist causing a nation-wide panic over fuel supplies for no discernable reason except his eagerness to bash the unions again. Just when the corruption scandal seemed to melt into the background with all this government nonsense going on, it was revealed that Andrew Mitchell, the International Development Secretary, has large investments in tax-dodging companies. Then, to cap it all, the OECD has announced that Britain is now officially back in recession and is not expected to recover any time soon. How on earth did Britain manage to scrape together so many morons in one government?

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