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Friday, 16 March 2012

Osborne Budget Designed To Destroy The Country Once And For All.

Every nation that is about to collapse into revolution has its "let them eat cake moment." Its that defining moment when the powers that be simply go too far, when their arrogant self-assurance melts into utter bewilderment because someone somewhere says "no." Britain has now reached that point and it has a choice. It can either roll over and play dead for the likes of Cameron and Osborne or it can simply say "no" and save itself from utter destruction. The Tories have nothing to offer but injustice and an ever widening distance between the haves and the have nots. We have seen what their plans are for the NHS - privatisation for the benefit of a wealthy few and a healthcare system that most of us will never have enough money to enjoy. All of us, by now, must know a young person who is in a good job but will never be able to even rent a home of their own let alone buy one. That is the result of a system begun under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher that has deliberately concentrated the ownership of property into the hands of the few and, at the same time, deliberately kept wages low. Most of us, despite years of unparalleled growth, are no better off now than we were 30 years ago and a good proportion are considerably worse off. Education has collapsed to the point where we are now only 25th in the world league table and the numbers going to university have already begun to decline. While it was as clear as day that bankers were responsible for the most recent collpase of the world economy, the Tories have continued to blame "socialism" and to punish the victims of this crime rather than the perpetrators. The forthcoming budget has been extensively leaked and it makes grim reading. Tax breaks for the already wealthy and more wage cuts for the rest, with particular spite reserved for the north where public sector wages will be cut in realtion to those earned in the south. Tax credits for those on scandalously low wages are also to be slashed, ending the public support of greedy businessmen by throwing the poor to the wolves. This is not a budget for the country. It is a budget for the wealthy and a naked cynical attempt to turn Britain into the Dickensian hell that the Tories miss so much.

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