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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Scottish Tories - An Endangered Species.

In an attempt today to fool the Scots Murdo "Look I have a real Scottish name" Fraser has suggested that the Tory party drop its name and call itself something else. "Let's face it," Fraser told the BBC, "we've been completely rumbled in Scotland and have no chance whatsoever of seizing power there unless we can persuade the peasants that we're not really Tories after all. If we can pull that off we might end up with the situation we have in England - ruling the country without actually winning an election because the electorate think they've voted for someone else. Now admitedly we can't use my first idea of disguising ourselves as LibDems because that's already been done and its unlikely to work again. But we might be able to do something with a really misleading title containing the words "national" and "unity." I did play with "Not the Tory Party" but I think that was too obvious. What do you think?"

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