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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tax Credits To Be "Overhauled."

The Tax Credit system - essentially taxpayers money being used to subsidise businesses who don't want to pay a living wage - is to be "overhauled" by the Tories. "We feel that people working part time are not trying hard enough to find proper full time jobs and we've decided to beat them into submission. We are fed up of hearing the same old lame excuses - that there aren't enough jobs and that childcare fees are too high to make full time work pay. We in the Tory party know how tough it is. Why only last week I had to give my children's nanny a pay rise to meet national standards even though I allow her to live over the stables and eat scraps out of the kitchen. As for unemployment there are plenty of jobs out there for the peasants and there will be more soon when we abolish the minimum wage."

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