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Saturday, 15 October 2011

"Occupy" Goes Global - But Don't Worry Its Mainly In Asia

The "Occupy" movement went global today with thousands of people occupying city centres across the developed world. However, if you're a corrupt financier or just a completely unconcerned citizen, there's no need to worry since, according to the BBC, the protests are largely confined to Asia and the Pacific. At least that's where they've managed to bury the story on their website. Meanwhile the BBC news has led with Wales being knocked out of the Rugby World Cup because, as everyone knows, sport is the most important thing in the world. Even "Dateline London" has managed to ignore a story unfolding under their noses and is running a story about immigration - guaranteed to divert the attention of all sides of the community. After the Liam Fox "love in yesterday" in which such hard questions as "How is poor Liam feeling today after being hounded out of office by the press" were asked of Tory MP's queing up to to diseminate their propaganda, we now have the "ignore inconvenient truth's" approach to the protests. What we need now is a "Don't Pay Your TV Licence" protest.

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