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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Margaret Thatcher Still Costing Taxpayers Over £100,000 Per Year.

Margaret Thatcher, who inflicted more damage on this country and its democracy than any other individual in its history, is still costing £100,000 per year it was revealed today. Under legislation passed by John Major in 1991 ex-Prime Ministers are entitled to this level of support for unspecified duties. This includes John Major himself, of course, but also Tony Blair and Gordon Brown making a total of £400,000 per year of taxpayers money. We asked our political editor for his comments; "Well you don't think that Maggie keeps herself in gin from her own resources do you? You have to understand that once these bloodsuckers get their fangs in they never let go - they have their hands in your pocket for as long as they live. Of course our politicians vote themselves all sorts of little earners without bothering to tell the rest of us. Not only are they corrupt, they are so corrupt they've forgotten what the word means. They are above the law and beyond any sense of shame. They like to talk about a sense of entitlement amongst the unemployed but that's as nothing compared to their sense of entitlement."

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