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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blackberry Mysteriously Breaks Down.

Blackberry, the phone of choice amongst this summer's rioters, has mysteriously broken down just as the October 15th day of action on both sides of the Atlantic draws near. We asked our conspiracy editor for his views; "I don't actually think that this is the result of some governmental conspiracy on the basis that most governments on both sides of the Atlantic are simply not bright enough to organise this and seem incapable of working together. However, shutting down Blackberry was widely discussed in Britain following the riots there this summer. If there is a conspiracy I suggest you look for a corporate connection since the "Occupy" movement is very definitely anti-corporation - and they don't come much more corporate than Blackberry themselves. I do know that governments are monitoring Facebook and blogsites to see what's going on and, if they are, I'd like them to count the number of fingers I'm holding up right now. And here's a thought for them - you can't pick and choose in a democracy, you either have one or you don't."

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