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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Osborne Compounds Yet Another Error.

George Osborne, the world's most ignorant and least qualified finance minister, has revealed today that he also a political ignoramus. Having reinforced economic failure for three years straight, a record that even the most stupid neoliberal economist would envy, he has now decided to throw his inconsiderable weight behind his leader and declare that Cameron was right to call for a Parliamentary vote on Syria when he did. More evidence that the Syrian government was responsible for the gas attack last week would not, he maintains, have made any difference to the outcome in Parliament. More evidence? Any evidence would have been a miracle since, when the vote was taken, the UN team in Syria had not yet completed its investigations. Essentially what Osborne is saying is that evidence is of no real import as far as he and Cameron are concerned and that they expected Parliament to support them without a shred of it. It was all because, Osborne seems to believe, Parliament was "sceptical of another foreign entanglement". That might well be true, but Parliament would probably have been content to listen to a cogent, well-thought out and fact-based argument in favour of military action. The fact that Osborne and Cameron are simply too stupid to understand this speaks volumes about this pair of dilettante politicians. The Tories deserve this pair of idiots leading them but Britain deserves better than a talentless slapstick comedy duo with a bad repertoire of one-liners.

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