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Thursday, 5 September 2013

IDS: "Everyone Is Pathetic Except Me."

The National Audit Office has damned Iain Duncan Smith's universal credit welfare scheme as suffering from "weak management, ineffective control and poor governance". They could, of course, have added "morally reprehensible" but instead confined themselves to noting that the whole debacle has cost the taxpayer £300 million so far and that IDS seemed to have no clear idea how his new scheme might work, or not as the case may be. IDS, having described himself as the "quiet man" of British politics, was anything but, blustering about ineffective Civil Servants deliberately sabotaging his plans and calling those asking questions about his inept performance "pathetic." Admitting that the IT meant to make his fantasy scheme work was "a write off" he then went on to claim that it would also "be delivered on time and budget". It has been clear for some time now that Iain Duncan Smith is at least one pork pie short of a picnic, that he entertains some strange ideas as to what constitutes "good" and "evil", is a scrounger of epic proportion and is so inept that only the Tory party would employ him. However, it now seems that he has some difficulty in understanding the English language when it suits him. Not to put too fine a point on it, IDS is nasty, inept and a liar of staggering brazenness. So far this week we've seen a Prime Minister, an Education Secretary and a Minister for Work and Pensions who have no grip whatsoever on the jobs they are supposed to do. No change there then.

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