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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nick Clegg Pleads For Another Term In Office.

Nick Clegg climbed onto the stage at the Lib Dem conference today and gave not one but two speeches. The first speech was addressed to the party itself. He began by claiming credit for the non-existent economic recovery even if he described it as "the wrong kind of recovery." He then went on to claim a string of victories in stopping the worst excesses of the Tories including preventing a tax cut for millionaires that went ahead anyway, "closing down the debate over Trident" even as that debate still rages and profit-making in schools even though those profits remain a nice little earner for several educational multi-nationals. Having re-written history to his own satisfaction he then turned to persuading the electorate that the Lib Dems deserve to retain their nice cushy jobs in the government. His chosen method of persuasion was a mixture of wishful thinking and unsubstantiated threats. "We have destroyed two-party politics in Britain" and "coalition government works". "If the Tories get a majority they will give us an unfair recovery. If Labour get a majority they'll mess it all up." The truth is that Nick Clegg was begging for his and his party's political life. He managed to get a foot in the door of No.10 by a campaign of outright lies. He has either ignored, reneged on or simply failed to achieve nearly all of his stated aims. He has betrayed every principle he told us the Lib Dem party stood for. He has actively cooperated with the most reactionary, self-serving and downright evil manifestations of the Tory creed this country has ever seen. Yet, despite all of this, he has the sheer brass neck to tell us all that he would do it all over again, or change tack and support Labour if it suits his purposes, simply to retain his cushy job. What he did was to announce a new Lib Dem party - shorn of any principles and ready to be as expedient as is needed to retain power.

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