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Monday, 30 September 2013

Does Cameron Aim At A Dictatorship?

Three years ago the question as to whether Cameron is aiming at dictatorship would have been laughable. Today the question couldn't be answered with any degree of certainty. The facts speak for themselves. Everything that has stood in the way of even his most outrageous policies have been swept away, laws have changed, no lie is too low or dirty to use, no life too important not to sacrifice, no sense of decency so basic that it can't be ignored, no demonstration so large it can't be discounted. Have no doubt, as the DWP's own statistics prove beyond doubt, the Tories are literally killing people to save on their personal tax bills. Of those disabled who have had their sickness benefit stopped by the DWP 10,600 have died within six weeks. Meanwhile the death rate amongst the elderly poor has rocketed since 2010 and is expected to climb even higher this winter after the Tories scrapped the Warm Home initiative. There are hundreds of thousand now living in this country who, without the charity of food banks, would be dead from starvation. In Britain, in the 21st century. Now, they would have us believe, Britain must withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights so we can extradite foreign criminals. In other words every man and woman and child in the country has to forego the protection afforded by the Convention simply to save the Tories time and effort when they want to throw someone out of the country. The majority must suffer so that a tiny number of foreign criminals can be more easily dealt with. The truth is, of course, that the Convention stands in the way of the Tories and some of their more nasty fantasies, especially when it comes to employment law. This is disturbing enough in itself but we now hear that UKIP is poised to replace the Tories as the repository for all the nasty, self-centred and greedy right-wingers in the country. The question is what part of our democracy, if not all of it, will the Tories remove to prevent this? They are already talking in terms of another coalition with the two-faced Lib Dems, Tories by any other name, in order to extend their undemocratic grip on power beyond 2015 with or without a mandate. If that is not the definition of dictatorship what is?

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