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Monday, 30 September 2013

BBC Barred From Filming Manchester NHS Demonstration.

Yesterday David Cameron and Grant Shapps were dragging their sorry butts around various BBC studios trying to explain why their disastrous and self-serving housing policy is a "good idea". They were also eager to point out that Ed Miliband's plan to freeze energy prices was unworkable because the energy companies won't let him. This was utter nonsense since the rest of Europe already caps the prices that energy companies can charge their customers and, as far as the News in Shorts can ascertain, the lights are still on over there. Today they have not been so keen on the BBC and have banned them from filming the 50 to 70 thousand NHS protestors outside the Tory party conference in Manchester. The BBC cameras were kept at bay by the Tory's favourite albeit incompetent security firm, G4S. They couldn't prevent the BBC from filming two elderly retired soldiers being escorted out of the conference for daring to protest against the Tory cuts for the armed services however. Tory attempts at censorship are still quite patchy and they are still finding it difficult to hide 50,000 plus protestors even from the BBC who are quite adept at ignoring stories that paint a true picture of Cameron's nasty party in action. Still, you would think that the BBC, who seem quite capable of filming in such places as Syria, would have tried a little harder or were they afraid that the G4S security guards would shoot them?

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