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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The BBC Steps Up Propaganda Against Labour

The BBC have been almost as eager to tear into Ed Miliband's speech at the Labour party conference today as the energy companies. Their reporting has so far literally dripped with loaded language as they have "analysed" Ed's speech. "Is this a backward step towards socialism?" they asked, as if the untrammelled capitalism that has propelled us backwards towards the mid-19th century is somehow a better idea. "Will the lights go out as they did in the 1970's during the "Winter of Discontent?" they asked, though they have never been heard to speculate as to whether the bedroom tax is Cameron's equivalent of Thatcher's disastrous poll tax. "How will they freeze energy prices if the energy companies won't let them?" they ask, as if the energy companies and not a democratically elected government actually runs the country. The BBC's reporting so far resembles a member of the blue-rinse set hiking up her skirt and screaming hysterically because she thinks she sees a mouse. "My God," the BBC are whimpering, "is that socialism I can see? What will become of us all if we have to live in a fairer society?" They have ignored the scandalous dependence on food banks for a growing number of people in Britain. They have refused to report the rising death rate amongst the elderly poor. They have turned a blind eye to the number of people under threat of eviction because of the bedroom tax. They have no time for stories about the growth of hate crimes against the disabled. They only have time to reiterate the Tory line that there is "no alternative." Now there is.

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