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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Evil Priority Of The Tories.

There has been some confusion amongst the electorate as to what the Tory party actually represents, what the true nature of its creed really is. Does it stand for family values, social justice and the benefits that honest hard work bring? They would certainly like the electorate to think so, but the truth, as so often with the Tory party, is far more grubby. Much of their efforts over the last three years have concentrated on "revitalising" the property market and, in this at least, they have had some success. House prices are now rising at a faster pace than at any time in the last seven years. Yet who does this benefit? Certainly not a younger generation that finds it impossible to get on the property ladder. Certainly not those forced to rent as they stand by helplessly while private buy-to-let landlords pick their pockets. Certainly not those hard working ordinary people whose savings continue to attract zero interest rates. It benefits only those who have investments in property, especially Tory MP's whose property investments have been obtained courtesy of the taxpayer. Eager the extend their property empires and their offshore bank balances the Tories have cast envious eyes on those properties that are in greater demand, two and three bedroomed houses, and hit upon the perfect scheme to get their sticky fingers on them. The bedroom tax was specifically designed the "free up" such properties, to throw ordinary people onto the streets simply to assuage the insatiable greed of an already wealthy minority. The electorate was first softened up with tales of unemployed "scroungers" and the dishonest disabled, of people who are poor because they deserve it. Cutting state aid to such people had the added advantage of financing a tax cut for millionaire "donators" to the Tory party. The bedroom tax was the killer blow - designed specifically as a naked land grab for the greedy and selfish and cynically disguised as "fair". Unfortunately the Tories, in their greed and stupidity, failed to take into account how the rest of the world would regard such a travesty of justice. The United Nations has investigated the effects of the bedroom tax and concluded that it breaches the basic human right to housing as enshrined in the UN Charter and that Britain, like so many other third world dictatorships, is in breach of human rights. And what is the Tory excuse for persecuting an estimated 660,000 victims of its nasty, vicious and self-serving policy? That it will "save" £500 million a year. It is clear, however, that these so-called "savings" will not benefit the ordinary hard-working people of this country, but are designed to finance yet another tax cut for those who will benefit from the land grab in the first place. That, then, is what the Tory party represents in a nutshell - greed, injustice and an unequal division of society between the undeserving rich and the disregarded poor.

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