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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Tories Whinge As Media Acknowledges United Nations Investigation.

The United Nations investigation into the Tories bedroom tax has finally made it into a mainstream newspaper today. The Daily Mail Online has been running a story in which they whinge about "meddling bureaucrats" and lecture the UN that they must surely have better things to do. They also point out that the chief investigator, Raquel Rolnik, is Brazilian and presumably, therefore, nothing more than a lefty agent working for the dastardly Argentinians. In truth, of course, the UN is conducting a perfectly legitimate investigation under their Charter which sets out national government's responsibility to provide adequate housing for its citizens. The lack of housing in Britain has been a national scandal for over 20 years but only a Tory government would seek to cash in on the shortage while deliberately attempting to re-inflate the property bubble in order to enrich themselves. What the UN is investigating is a breach of basic human rights in a country that has always been regarded as civilized. The Tories are dragging that reputation through the mud for no better reason than to assuage their endless greed and, in the process, turning Britain into a good imitation of a third world dictatorship. What has really got the Tories jittery, however, is not the spectre of "meddling bureaucrats" - who is more bureaucratic and meddlesome than a Tory trying to reduce his tax bill? No, what has them shaking in their cowardly boots is the thought that they might face prosecution and actually end up behind bars, which is where they belong, for crimes against humanity. The United Nations is pointing out that the Tory government, despite its arrogance and selfishness, are as subject to international law as any other vicious dictatorship with no legitimacy, mandate or support of the general population.

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