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Friday, 27 September 2013

Tories Place Value On Their Latest Fraud.

The Tories are salivating at the amount of money they and their multinational pals hope to glum out of their latest scam. The sale of Royal Mail is expected to raise up to £3.3 billion in a three-step plan that the Tories hope will cover their tracks and avoid charges of fraud. In the first instance shares will be offered to "the public" - those who already own the organisation - although they will have to buy at least £700 of shares in order to avoid inadvertently selling any of them to those without substantial savings. These people, whom the Tories fervently hope will be mainly Tory voters, are then confidently expected to sell on their shares at a reasonable profit to multinational companies. With the shares now safely in the hands of a bunch of crooks the Tories can then look forward to some nice juicy "donations" from their grateful mates who will be free to rob the public blind in order to fill their already bulging offshore accounts. Thus at least part of the £3.3 billion will find its way into the Tory party coffers in what amounts to the money laundering of public money. With a straight face Business minister Michael Fallon told the BBC that the six-day-a-week delivery, or "universal service", was "completely protected". In other words the Royal Mail, or whatever its new name will be, will be "too big and too important to fail" and, while profits will be privatised, any losses will be nationalised with the taxpayer as the "bank of last resort." Sweet.

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