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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Media Blackout On UN Investigation Of Britain.

From the Orkneys in the north to Dover in the south a black curtain has descended across the country. While the British media, especially the BBC, reacts only to the Tory agenda, stories that reflect very badly on Britain are being deliberately and systematically ignored. First and foremost amongst these stories is the one about Raquel Rolnik, an investigator for the United Nations, who has arrived in Britain to look into the bedroom tax. One of the basic human rights enshrined in the UN Charter is that people have "the right to adequate housing" and the Tory regime is ignoring this for the sole purpose of lowering the tax demands on their rich pals. There is now a clear link between the bedroom tax and the rising suicide rate in Britain and this constitutes a basic assault on human rights and the government's duty of care to its citizens. They are too busy awarding multi-million pound contracts to companies who "donate" to the Tory party even when, as in the case of the Hospital Corporation of America, these companies already stand accused of fraud. The Tories are far more concerned with maintaining their taxpayer's money laundering scam to care about the health or well being of those they profess to govern. Meanwhile Lord Freud, who owns an eight-bedroom country home in Kent and a £1.9million, four-bedroom townhouse in London, has told disabled people suffering from motor neurone disease that they should get a job if they want an extra bedroom for the specialised equipment they need simply to survive. Britain is fast becoming an embarrassment to the United Nations as it abandons all claims to decency and embraces the principles more normally associated with a third world dictatorship. Perhaps the Russian fleet will soon turn up in the Channel and threaten London with cruise missiles unless it improves its human rights record?

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