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Monday, 9 September 2013

Osborne Declares Victory Over The Dead Body Of Britain's Economy.

George Osborne, the world's least qualified Finance Minister, was triumphant today as he declared economic victory over his detractors. "Those in favour of Plan B have lost the argument," he boasted and then declared that Britain had "turned a corner." So what is the extent of this recovery? His "recovery" is the weakest and slowest for 100 years. The economy is still 2.9% smaller now than it was in 2010. Unemployment has not fallen for six months. He has borrowed £245 billion more than he said he would. The average person in this country is £1,500 per year worse off, even as the average millionaire is £100,000 better off. And, just for good measure, Osborne has managed to breath life into the same failed economic system that got us into this mess in the first place, including a new property bubble and a resurgence of sub-prime lending. If that is winning the argument them what does losing the argument look like? Tacitus, the Roman historian, once described the reaction of Caratacus to the conquest of Britain by the Emepror's legions; "You create a desert and call it peace." Osborne has done much the same, flattening the British economy to save the money of the already wealthy, making the poor pay for their mistakes and then declaring that he has saved the day single-handedly. He may have saved himself and his self-serving wealthy pals, but he has singly failed to save the rest of us. He is not only the worst Chancellor that this country has ever suffered, he is also the worst liar.

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