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Sunday, 29 September 2013

David Cameron And Grant Shapps Talk Utter Bilge.

David Cameron's big idea for winning the next general election, apart from pretending that Ed Miliband is actually Neil Kinnock in disguise, is what he calls mending the "broken property market." This consists of recreating the utter madness of over-priced housing being sold to people who are either priced out of the market and can't afford it or are so wealthy that they can afford to buy a second property they don't need. Only the Tories, he asserts, can thus produce a "stable" economy based on an overblown housing market. To ram home this idiotic message Cameron has sent his favourite moron, Grant Shapps, around the studios to explain to us thickos how pumping up subprime lending once again is good for us all. Of course it isn't. The only "cure" for the housing crisis in Britain is to build more housing, allow prices to fall to realistic levels that ordinary people can afford and prevent the financial sector from creating the fiat money that wrecked the world economy in 2008. There is an old saying that the acorn never falls far from the tree. With the Tories the acorns of their policies are never far removed from what is advantageous for them personally and this so-called housing policy is a case in point. It is designed to support the value of their own property portfolios and recreate the economic conditions that favour them while leaving the rest of us exposed to any bad debt that is generated. This policy has absolutely nothing to do with what Cameron and Shapps like to call "fairness" - it's about greed and protecting their wealth at our expense.

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