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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Tories: Ugly, Nasty, Brutish And Primitive.

The Tory party has decided to use their conference to tear away the mask and reveal their true selves and what is revealed is not pretty. They have declared war on 150 years of progress and upon the British people themselves believing that the people have been sufficiently desensitised to accept their brutal and primitive outlook on life. They have launched a struggle for the heart and soul of the country confident that, if they win, the country like them will no longer have a heart and soul. They believe that they have succeeded in demonstrating that poor people are poor because they deserve it and, in view of that, there is no need to coddle them with benefits, free health care, social housing or any hope for the future. Selfishness and greed are to rule supreme and the devil take the hindmost. It is a bleak and unforgiving vision and one that is being sold by attempting to persuade the majority that the Tory party doesn't mean them. But of course the Tories do mean them as will be revealed if by any evil twist of fate they manage to get a majority in 2015. The depths to which they will stoop were revealed this week by the Daily Mail who have vilified Ed Miliband's father in print, attempting to destroy the reputation of man who fought for this country during World War II and suggest that any sins of the father, no matter how trivial and irrelevant, must be visited upon the son - if that son is too "left-wing" for their tastes. Their attack was simply vile but at least allows the rest of us to see what the Daily Mail and the Tory party regard as the "centre ground." It is time to choose sides and to realise that a vote for the Tory party is a vote for the brutal and the primitive, a vote for the dark side of human nature, a vote for giving up on the future and for abandoning hope in order to embrace despair.

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